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Onvia and Carson Miller


Joyce and Cecil Earles

Joe Exendine Sr. and Carson Miller

Loretta, ?, Joyce, and Onvia Miller





KahWinHut 3-26-2010

I am in the process of creating a more detailed, more thorough genealogy of my family in digital format. Right now we are revising my Great Aunt Doris Sun-No Tonemah's hand written life's work of the Hasinai genealogy based on newly found US Indian censuses. These are the main charts upon which the Caddo Nation helps member trace their lineage. Below if a very brief summary of my Caddo ancestors.

For a full and more complete geneaology, please visit

Quick View of Chase's Genealogy:


KahWinHut 11-24-2010

Please refer to the website for the complete and updated geneaology that is printable, of the Yatasi Maternal family tree. It is updated and edited by Fran Earles. Thank you!



KahWinHut 3-27-2010

On the 27th of March, my family and I went to Hinton to visit the Hinton cemetery, Niles cemetery, and the Scott cemetery, now called Bible cemetery. We went to visit the graves of my family. Also we went to find whereabouts my Great Great Grandmother, Menden, who was supposed to be buried, along the creek that divides the Whitebeads land from my Great Grandfather Patricks and Great Aunt Maude Miller's land. Here are some pictures I took!

The bull buffalo (Tanaha in Caddo) would not take his eyes off of us.

Niles cemetery where Patrick and Onvia are buried.


Patrick Kun-Teno John Miller, my Great Grandfather, 1885 - 1942

Onvia Ester Sims, my Great Grandmother, 1894 - 1977

Hattie McAlister, my Great Grandmother, 1894 - 1971 and Arther Lee Earles, my Great Grandfather, 1881 - 1961

Cecil Cooper Earles, my Grandfather, 1925 - 1995

Thomas Carson Bunton Miller, my Great Uncle, 1931 - 1988


KahWinHut 4-12-2010

I recently scanned some old family photos!

Maude Miller Whitebead 1963

Hattie (McAlister) Earles

Joyce (Miller) Earles, Aunt Patricia, and Aunt Doris (Miller) Tonemah

Onvia (Sims) Miller and Wayne Earles

Wayne, Cecil, and Joyce Earles

Cecil Earles, Scott Tonemah (Grandson of Stumbling Bear) and Joyce (Miller) Earles

The Old Reeder Home (Betsie and Harvey)

Cecil Cooper Earles in Creed, CO

Chase Earles and Carson Miller

Wayne Earles and Joyce (Miller) Earles

Joe "Jody" Exendine Jr.

Patrick Kun-teno John Miller (top left) and Onvia (Sims) Miller (2nd from top left) and Onvia Sim's family (rest)

Patrick John Miller at Riverside School for Indians (1900's)

Arther Lee Earles and Hattie (McAlister)(Part Cherokee?) Earles

Patrick John Miller and Onvia Esther (Sims) Miller

Caddo Club at Bessie Reeder's Place 1934- From Top Left:
1.Bessie Reeder, 2.Maude Miller Whitebead 3.Rode Frank Wolf, 4.Lydia Longhat, 5.Julia Sheyashe, 6.Lucille Shaw Edge, 7.Onvia Miller, 8.Viola Ahdunko, 9.Lottie Welson, Children: 10. Marion (Marorn?), 11.Verd, 12.Clente or R.L., 13. Stanford, 14.R.L. or Carson, 15.Leva, 16.Mareiline, 17. Doris, 18.Vernona Joyce or Loretta.

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