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Come enjoy these photographs of our Caddo people from the past and from the present. Please have patience while all the images load. I have taken care to try to label each one of the images as accurately as possible, but there are a number of different discrepencies that appear in these photos over time. If you know about the particular history of an image or have a correction or question, please don't hesistate to contact me!

Click on the thumbnails below to open a larger image. I'm related in blood or by marriage to the one's with red text.

Patrick Kun-Teno Miller at Riverside 1901 (my great-grandfather) Patrick Kun-Teno & Onvia Miller,1915    

General Scott Tonemah
(Kiowa) (Margaret Doris Sun-no Miller's Husband)
General Scott Tonemah
General Scott Tonemah
Enoch (Enock?) Hoag 1925
(Last Caddo Chief)

Thomas Wooscester 1862 (Also Thomas Wister, who is Tsa-Banusha "Mr. Blue" is White Moon "Mike Martin's" father) George Parton and Caddo Jake (Caddo Chief) George Kionut 1890 Group 1892 (numbers transcribed on Dance page)

Bar-Sin-De-Bar or "Tall Man" Binger Y Dance Grounds Riverside Indian School 1905 "Old Lady" Mary Inkanish 1918

Antelope or White Deer Mrs. Wolf Hunter and Old Man Hunter Sow-a-nin, Mrs. Ralph "Ellen" Murrow, 1953 Feast at Old Man Squirrel's Place

Paul Frank and Grace Frank, 1905 Paul Frank 1905 Paul Frank & White Friends Longhat's Camp 1876 (Brazos Reservation?)

Sam Houston Group Photo Haskell Indian School 1910 Tom Shemayme

Cho-o-tee-tee Ba-Ka-too Caddo George Washington 1872 also known as Sho-ee-tat Helen Brown and Lydia Shemayme, 1930 Frank Whitebead, Grant Williams, Thomas Frank 1900s

Pauline Washington (Win-hu, Daughter or Grandaughter of Cheif Caddo George Washington) Group Photo 2 Caddos Killing Beef 1894 (Beef Allotment) Stanley Edge (Tsa-dus-cut Edge)

Robert Coffee & Louis Bedoka, 1890 Group Photo 3 Bedoka Family
L to R: Maurice Bedoka, Joseph Bedoka Harvey Bedoka, William Bedoka, Clara Bedoka Standing, Louise Harry Bedoka, Sadie Bedoka Weller 1940*10.1
Caddo-Deleware & John Nishkû'ntu (Moon Head) Wilson

George Parton's House 1893 Nah-ah-sah-nah (Warloupe) (Caddo Chief) 1872 James Spybuck, 1910 Eustus Edwards & Mexican friends

John Wilson Moonhead John WIlson and John Inkanish Thomas Wooscoster (Thomas Wister is TsaBanusha) and Stanley Edge Enock Hoag 1891 (Caddo Chief)

Anadarko Baseball team 1900 Sam Kunistee Rosie Kunistee & Florence Whitebead Group 4: Morris Bedoka, Nelie Hunter, ~ et al.

Group 5: Arthur Jones, Ralph Murrow, ~ et al. Grace Akins Zachory Taylor "Old Man Zack", 1910 Group 6: Thomas Keys (is Thomas Wister son), Stanley Edge, Joe Weller, 1938

Young Lady Group 8: Sippy Carter, Anna Hoag Whitehorn, Sawwin~ et al. Paul Frank & Ralph Murrow, 1905 Coats Family , Chi-o-yet Coats born 1869 and Alicky (alfred) Stamp , born 1879 (Kinkehe Seminole) and kids, not sure, see below*10.5

Arther Johnson 1901 (Riverside School) Francis Johns 1900 See-Sih (Shawnee) & Caddo married to Henry Edge Harris Connor & Sam Weller

Michael Martin Silvermoon is also White Moon Michael Martin Silvermoon is also White Moon Group 9: Stanley Edge, Florence Whitebead, ~et al. Donovan Codopony R. Tonemah Jr., ~ et al.

Madeline Frank 1950 Paul Frank and Bessie Frank Reeder, 1945 Kun-teno (Patrick John Miller) & Ruth Dee Nuttle Maude Miller Whitebead 1937

John W. Kionut
Strongman and Louisa Elliot 1900s *10.2 Bessie Wolf Reeder and maybe Grace Frank or Eva Elliot. *10.3 Maj. Gen. Charles L. Bolt awarding John W. Kionut, Caddo, Oklahoma, the Bronze Star for gallantry in action. 1944 Shreveport 1935. Charley Adams, Harry Edge (Age), Merle Keyes

Katherine Frank Proctor at 1938 Indian Expo
Caddo Repatriation Committee. *10.5 Ada Lizzie Williams and Stella Beaver Vynola Elvina Tahlate Beaver Newkumet 1932

Julia Edge Julia Edge Enoch Hoag Mary Inkanish
Julia Edge born 1900, daughter of Pauline Washinton (win-hu) daughter of Chief Caddo George Washington Julia Edge, father Harry Edge, mother Pauline Washington-Edge, 1908. Enoch Hoag and family, 1920. Grover Inkanish , Mary Inkanish, and Cynthia Williams, 1918.

Betty Whitebread WhiteBread Harry Edge
Enoch Hoag, 1892. Last Caddi. Betty Whitebread, 1910. Dahkathakayu, WhiteBread, 1916. Ku-ih-tsi, Harry Edge.

Caddo Group amos longhat Kah-w-utz Amos Longhat
Caddo Group. #6. Stanley Edge. #14. Tall-Man Amos Longhat, 1920. Kah-w-utz, 1906. Ku-ih-tsi, Harry Edge.

Jacob Showatiti Salo Parker, et al. Caddo delegation
Jacob 1864. Shoo-wa-titi, Grandfather to Ada Longhorn, 1890. Salo Parker, Mrs. Lewis Guy, Fritz Hendricks, Johnson Coffey, James Bar-zin-debar, Ralph Murrow, Sam B. Wilson, Fast Runner, Joe Weller, and Sam Weller Better photo of Caddo Delegation, Above.

Sam Houston Tsa Banusha Barzindebar Moonhead Wilson
Better photo of Sam Houston above. TsaBanusha Thomas Wister Mrblue 1898 Better photo of Barzindebar 1898, above. Moonhead, better photo than above, 1889.

Caddo George Washington WhiteDeer Caddo Men Longhats Camp

Showetat, Chief Caddo George Washington, better photo than above, 1872.


TsaYaWutTsi aka whitedeer aka antelope 1872 better photo than above.

Caddo Men 1870.

Longhat's camp alternate photo near Anadarko Agency. 1876.

jacob Caddo George Washington tillman Murrow, Stanley Edge, Ralph Murrow Longhats Camp

Poor Bear (Kiowa Apache) and Jacob (Caddo), 1863.

Better photo of Caddo George Washington, Showetat, 1862.

Tillman Murrow, Stanley Edge, Ralph Murrow, 1920.

Washish (means Osage) Stanley Edge, 1898.

warloupe Stanley Edge Sippy Carter, et al Caddo George Washington

Alternate photo of Warloupe above. I think his name was Iesh.

Stanley Edge with Kishkinniequote (Kickapoo) 1907.

Sippy Carter, Nellie Hunter, NettieKeyes, Alice Josephine Cussins, Sallie Inkanish, 1938.

Chief Caddo George Washington, Showetat, 1865 alt photo.

Sho-we-tat. Show-we-tat Minnie Lottie Parton Caddo George Washington

Sho-we-tat 1913.

Sho-we-tat 1913 alt photo.

Minnie and Lottie Parton, 1891.

Minnie and Lottie Parton, 1891.

James Ned Williams caddo Tribe Business Committee George Parton Coffee-Bowlegs

James ned Williams. Son of Grant and Liz Williams.

Caddo Tribe Business Committee 1929.

George Parton 1906.

Ee-ya-tsi, Sawwin, Coffee-Bowlegs. Mother to George Bowlegs and Goldie Bowlegs, later married Longhat.

Carey Brown et al. Caddo Woman Caddo Man Caddo Dance

Carey Brown Coffee-Longhorn-Hendrix, Pah-nos-hah-bar-ke-nur (aka Ada Lizzie Williams), Stella Maud Ned Adams-Longhorn-Beaver (aka Stella Beaver) 1933.

Caddo Woman 1880.

Caddo Man 1893.

Caddo Dance, 1892. *10.6

10.1: Maurice was the first chairman of the Caddo Tribe under the Constitution. He's the father of Ann Donaghey, Baddy Bedoka, Dr. Guyneth Cardwell, Joyce Smith and Maurice Bedoka Jr. notes by Jennifer Reeder.

10.2: (Jennnifer Reeder) Louisa Elliott and Strongman (parents of Bessie Wolf Reeder, Paul Frank and Grace Frank) Louisa also had children with her first husband Whitebead – they are Elliott’s and I have never found any pictures of them

10.3: (Jennnifer Reeder)I found this negative in my grandma Ruth Wilson Reeder’s (daughter of Lottie Parton and William Wilson) belongings – this would be her mother-in-law Bessie Wolf Reeder (sitting), we don’t know who the girl is standing but have guessed that it’s the younger sister Grace Frank because she looks a lot like Paul Frank or it’s one of Louisa’s children from her first marriage to Whitebead, maybe Eavie Elliott. Paul’s first wife was also named Grace Atkins Frank – totally different family.

10.4: Katherine Proctor Franks is grandmother to Gina Sage, who gave me the image. This is Katherine at the 1938 Indian Expo in Anadarko. She speaks fluent Caddo. (Gina Sage) She [Katherine] now lives in Fresno, Ca., along with most of my family. She had lived in Binger (Murrows Dance Ground) until she was married I believe around age 20. Her mother was Grace Akins and Father was Paul Frank, which I had taken a couple of the pictures of him off your web site for birthday in October she is 91 years old and of sound mind and body.

10.4: 1. Thurman “Sonny” Parton 2. Madeline (Franks) Hamilton 3. Lucy Wabaunasee 4. Doyle Edge 5. Lyman Kionute

10.5 Her oldest child was Roland Coats born in 1894, daughter Ethel Coats born in 1899, daughter Mable Coats was born in 1902, daughter Emma Coats was born 1905, then she had 2 kids that went by the last name of Stamp they where daughter Nora Stamp born 1907 and son Elman Stamp born in 1914.

10.6 1. Jack Taylor 2. Frank Sargent 3. Tay-win-nin (Toueinin?) 4. Louis Bedoka 5. Thomas Whistler 6. Isaac Shemayme 7. James Inkanish 8. Same Parton 9. Choctaw (Tom?) 10.Caddo George (Washington?) 11. Little Dutchmen 12. Pnjo Guy 13. Daw-tow 14. Kickapoo 15. Thomas Reynolds 16. Diamond Williams 17. John Inkanish 18. Lowrie Dunlap 19. Wild Horse 20.Kickapoo 21. Cheponey 22. White Eyes 23.Alice Inkanish Cousins 24. Mary Inkanish 25. Millie Edge 26. WhiteBread's Daughter 27. Sallie Sturm

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